Malouf Zoned Lavender Pillow

Malouf Zoned Lavender Pillow is designed with a soft center region to cradle your head and firmer edges to cushion your neck, this pillow helps align your spine for pain-free sleep. Breathable, soft and with quick loft recovery, it sleeps comfortably all night. Calming lavender soothes your body and mind, and cooling gel regulates your body temperature.Phone orders. 828-254-5555

Queen: $89.95-$135.95

Malouf Zoned Lavender Pillow

  • Infused with real lavender
  • Lavender oil spritzer included
  • Promote a calming and relaxation
  • Zoned Dough® memory foam
  • Airy, soft, and springy pillow
  •  It’s naturally hypoallergenic
  •  Breathes better than foams
  • Certipur Foam:
  •    Made without ozone depleters
  •    Made without flame retardants
  •    Made without mercury, lead
  •    Made without formaldehyde
  •    Low Volatile Organic Compound
  •    No phthalates

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If you can’t make it in, call us at 828-254-5555. Wherever you are we can assist your call and get the proper mattress delivered to you.

Sweet Dreams…

Super merchandise sold by the most informed and pleasant salesperson EVER to wait on me! I highly recommend Affordable Bedding.