Malouf Gel Dough Pillow

Malouf Gel Dough Pillow Offers a unique approach to combat heat. The Gel Dough® + Z™ Gel pillow integrates two technologies to ensure a cool night of rest. On top of the pillow, a liquid Z™ Gel layer captures and dissipates body heat. The body consists of unique Gel Dough® memory foam that creates a cooler, softer material. This offers an optimal thermal experience. Accompanying the pillow is a Tencel™ removable cover with superior moisture-management properties. It aids in optimal sleeping temperatures.

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  • Queen Mid Loft Sale: $99.95
  • Currently available in stock
Malouf Gel Dough Pillow  Mattresses, Beds, Futons, Adjustable Bases


  • Cooling response with firm support
  • Stable, uniform comfort experience
  • Sleepers desiring a higher loft
  • Z™ Gel captures and distributes heat
  • Dough formula is supportive memory foam
  • Tencel removable cover
  • Immediate availability
  • Certipur Foam:
  •    Made without ozone depleters
  •    Made without flame retardants
  •    Made without mercury, lead
  •    Made without formaldehyde
  •    Low Volatile Organic Compound
  •    No phthalates

I have been consciously tossing and turning and flipping my pillow several times a night historically. Patrick recommended a new pillow and the first night I tried it, I slept straight through the night without waking up once. The following nights the exact same thing! I am now sleeping the whole time I am in bed and feeling great the next day. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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