Malouf Carbon Cool Pillow

Malouf Carbon Cool Pillow is one of the greatest scientific advancement in the industry since memory foam. PCM continually adjusts to body and environmental temperature to maintain the optimum sleep temperature range.

Queen Malouf Carbon Cool Pillow Sale Price: $129.95-$179.95

Supportive memory foam is infused with graphite – known for its excellent thermal conductivity properties – to remove heat. Tiny graphite molecules in the pillow create pathways that use conduction to channel heat away from the head, face and neck. A Tencel® mesh cover creates a soft, smooth surface that helps to control humidity while allowing for maximum exposure to the Omniphase™ coating.

The most advanced pillow-cooling technology available to create ideal comfort. See store for current sale price. Phone orders accepted. 828-254-5555

Malouf Carbon Cool Pillow

  • OmniPhase™ material
  • Graphite-infused memory foam
  • Ventilated for breathable comfort
  • Microencapsulated material
  • Move heat away
  • Ventilated design improves airflow
  • Tencel™ cover creates soft surface
  • Certipur Foam:
  •    Made without ozone depleters
  •    Made without flame retardants
  •    Made without mercury, lead
  •    Made without formaldehyde
  •    Low Volatile Organic Compound
  •    No phthalates
Malouf Carbon Cool Pillow

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Sweet Dreams…

I have been consciously tossing and turning and flipping my pillow several times a night historically. Patrick recommended a new pillow and the first night I tried it, I slept straight through the night without waking up once. The following nights the exact same thing! I am now sleeping the whole time I am in bed and feeling great the next day. Thank you, thank you, thank you!