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Kingsdown Prime Mattress Collection

With the comfort and design comparable to Sealy, Simmons, Serta, and Tempur-Pedic, our customers have found Kingsdown mattresses to exceed quality and expectation.

Each Kingsdown mattress we offer is locally handcrafted in North Carolina and is the only brand we have continued selling since our doors opened in 2001. 

  Mattresses, Beds, Futons, Adjustable Bases

Anatomy of Kingsdown

There is nothing more comfortable than a Kingsdown, whether innerspring, hybrid, foam or air. Every luxurious mattress is meticulously constructed with high quality materials and handcrafted fabrics for the ultimate sleep experience. Only with Kingsdown can you find the following proprietary features:

Vertical Zoning®

Kingsdown Destan Firm Mattress  Mattresses, Beds, Futons, Adjustable BasesVertical Zoning allows your body to float to its natural position through precisely layered comfort materials.

Cushion Cloud®

Kingsdown Prime Collection Kingsdown Prime Collection Mattresses, Beds, Futons, Adjustable Bases

Exclusive patented construction utilizing inner tufting of comfort layers to eliminate shifting and discomfort.

Flexatron® Cushioning

Kingsdown Flexatron Mattress Material Kingsdown Flexatron Mattress Material Mattresses, Beds, Futons, Adjustable BasesA unique blend of cushioning that is hypoallergenic, mildew resistant and odor-free.

Full Body Surround®

Kingsdown Surround Foam Encasement Kingsdown Surround Foam Encasement  Mattresses, Beds, Futons, Adjustable BasesProvides sleepers with a complete edge-to-edge surface, resulting in superior edge support and a 100% usable no-flip sleep surface.